Grumman Ski Club New Website

First Time Visitors Instructions


This new website has been designed to be a secure interactive site to permit club members to share information for trips, rides, used equipment, general discussions - whatever.   Everyone will have their own login username and password, which you will setup yourself.  The secure area is built around a bulletin-board style software package which is accessed when you login.

The first time you get to the login page of the board (here) you must REGISTER.    Please click on the button on the bottom of the page labeled 'REGISTER'.   A legal disclaimer will be displayed, and you need to click 'I agree to these terms'.  Then a form will be displayed for you to fill out.   You may choose any username or password you wish.   At the bottom of the form you will see a place for your membership number, as printed on your current membership card.  This must be entered.  Since you may have chosen a username where I can't tell immediately who you are (like 'Wild Snowboarder' for instance) you must also fill in the form field with your real name or nickname in the club.  These are used to verify your membership in the club; this board is secure, and no one who is not a member will have access to them and they are not displayed anywhere on the board to anyone else.  When you have completed the form, you will need to enter the security code, which is displayed in a color distorted way for high security (just like your banking and credit card sites often do).   After you are done, click 'Submit'.

Sometime later, maybe minutes or hours, or maybe some days, your information will be reviewed and checked against the membership database.   After verification, the account will be activated, and an email telling you that you may login will be sent to the email address you supplied on the registration form.  At that point you may login with the username and password that you created when you registered.  If you forget your password, please use the board functions on the login page for 'I forgot my password'.  The administrators do not have access to the passwords, and we cannot send them to you.  Once you are registered and activated, you do not ever have to register again.

Once you login to the board, the operation is fairly self-explanatory and works just like the thousands of other websites used by clubs and special interest groups for discussions.  Click on forums to see postings - all the buttons and links should be obvious.   You can post messages on any topic, the layout should be obvious.   On the top you have links to various settings and configurations to set the board to operate in a way that you like.  Have fun!

Please let us know about missing or incorrect information on the new website, and suggestions for improvements.  There is a discussion forum on the board itself to suggest and discuss changes and enhancements.


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